Proud to be a Lady

Last night we, as a country, made history. That’s right, HISTORY. It happened right in front of our eyes and regardless of how you vote or what feelings you have toward our country right now, I think we should all step back for just a moment jump up and down, fist pump, shout with unbridled joy, bust out the bubbly, shotgun a beer, or do whatever feels large enough to celebrate this huge and historical moment. A major political party just nominated a woman to be the presidential candidate. Please excuse me while I go high five everyone on the street for several hours.

I love being a lady. I love that I was raised by an insanely strong and unwavering lady who in turn helped shape me into the strongest, happiest, pie-making, future-dreaming, lady baker I could be. I love that my pursuit of pie led me across the United States and into the lives of smart and accomplished women who would help me shape my future in their likeness. I love that I get letters from little girls who have read my book and have started down their own path of becoming lady bakers and I love that by simply working my ass off and following a dream I am able to be a lady business owner.

My reality is due entirely to the women who came before me and fought the incredible fight to be seen as equals. I am able to follow my whimsical pie-making dreams because 96 years ago ladies much stronger than me fought for their rights and won. And last night an incredible woman was the very first lady to become the Democratic presidential nominee. Millions of little girls will be able to look to this woman and see their own potential reflected back at them. They will have just one more reason to imagine they can do anything. Like I said, HISTORY. I am super proud to be a lady today and will do my very best to push onwards and upwards toward a future where having a woman elected as the presidential nominee is no big deal. In the meantime, though, HIGH FIVES FOR EVERYONE. HISTORY.

(photo by an incredible LADY business owner: Leah Puttkammer of  Gray Kammera Photography)

(photo by an incredible LADY business owner: Leah Puttkammer of Gray Kammera Photography)

Teeny Morris