Pokemon Pie

The Pokemon Go phenomenon happened last week and in addition to catching countless Pidgeys and taking the dog for extra long walks to hatch my Poke eggs, I’ve been lamenting the fact that I don’t currently have a storefront because the marketing possibilities are endless.

The game is rather exciting in the way it’s getting people out of their houses and into their neighborhoods. Strangers are meeting strangers, when they choose to acknowledge that they’re all trying to catch ’em all. Aaron spent half an hour in McDonalds/PokeStop yesterday hanging out with a random group of teenagers while they talked favorite teams, reveled in rare pokemon snags, and shared fries.

Happy Pokemon Catchers are out and about which brings me to marketing possibilities!             (This shelter has the right idea for taking advantage of your aimless wandering)

First of all, PokeBalls are round … as are pies, which makes the following SUPER easy to accomplish!!

If you are excited to walk around catching imaginary pokemon on your phone, imagine how excited you would be to eat a pie that looks exactly like a PokeBall.

Second, I’ve totally stocked up on my People Pokemon Lures and I would utilize their exotic scent to bring the pokemon to my shop while the tantalizing smell of fresh baked pies would lure the humans into staying and snacking while they threw PokeBalls with abandon.

Third, I would offer limited deals to Pokemon Go players who showed loyalty to my team, the Blue Barracudas blue Mystic team, led by the indefatigable Blanche. A dollar off your cup of coffee or teeny pie if you prove you’re a member of Mystic. It’ll cost you a dollar extra if you’re a venomous Valor or an insipid Instinct. Nah, just kidding, all teams would be welcome and you would get a dollar off if you catch a Pokemon on the premises!

Finally, I would totally redesign my entire menu to reflect different Pokemon … Peachachu, Venonapple, Jugglypuffpastry, Cherryfairy, Razzzata, etc. and encourage my customers to CATCH ‘EM ALL.

If I had my own storefront I would be crushing the Pokemon Go game. I guess I’ll just have to cry a few tears, eat this Pokemon pie, and take Ladybird for another walk. Happy Catching Pokemon Professors.

Teeny Morris