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Holiday Pie 

And just like that, it's December! Here at Teeny Pies we think every type of holiday celebration deserves pie! We've listed our winter wonderland flavors below as well as pre-order/pickup information. Once you've read everything there is to read about how to be a holiday hero you can hop over to our "Order Pies" Page: RIGHT HERE to check out our stellar selection. Make a list, check it twice, and order your teenypies today! 


* In addition to our popular 4-inch teeny pies, we're also offering 9-inch pies as well as pie bites, which are perfect for any holiday spread. There is an order minimum of 24* pie bites, because we have to make it worth our while... but don't worry, no one has ever been mad about extra pie bites!  * (the 24 pie bite minimum can be a variety of different flavors, but the order must add up to at least 24 bites)

*We're offering six different, magical flavors ranging from our immensely popular bourbon pecan pie to the rather outrageous, but delightfully delicious chocolate peppermint or eggnog pies! Is this the holiday season where you win the whole night by bringing the perfect pie? We think it might be. 

* We have one preorder pickup at Findlay Market, on December 23rd! 


  • Saturday, December 23nd, 9am - 2pm @ Findlay Market (1801 Race St., Cincinnati, OH) )


Note - If you have any questions, concerns, or special requests please reach out to us using the Contact Form and we'll be happy to chat about accommodating your order. Thanks!







Teeny Pies can currently be found at Findlay Market (Saturdays and Sundays in front of Pho Lang Thang), and at the Northside Farmers Market (Wednesdays). Pies are available on a first come, first served basis OR if you're more of a planner you can use this site to order pies to be picked up on the days and locations mentioned above.

All of the pies are lovingly made and baked at the Incubator Kitchen Collective in Newport, KY.


Findlay Market

Saturdays 8am-6pm

Sundays 10am-4pm

Northside Farmer's Market

Wednesdays 4pm-7pm










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