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Teeny Pies is a custom pie company founded in 2013. We specialize in individual sized pies and embrace seasonality in order to create vibrant and exciting flavor combinations in both sweet and savory pies. Owner, Teeny Morris, began Teeny Pies five years ago after spending a year apprenticing professional pie makers across the country. Teeny combined what she learned while apprenticing with what she grew up learning from her family of lady pie bakers to develop recipes that embody timeless and classic techniques but shine with fresh and inventive flavors.


As the name suggests, Teeny Pies are teeny! We offer four-inch sweet pies, which are the perfect size for an individual breakfast pastry, an afternoon pick-me-up, or after dinner dessert. Our sweet pies range from traditional favorites like apple crumb and sour cherry to more adventurous and exciting flavor combinations such as strawberry basil and rosemary caramel apple, depending on what's in season. 



Note - If you have any questions, concerns, or special requests please reach out to us using the Contact Form and we'll be happy to chat about accommodating your order. Thanks!





Teeny Pies can currently be found at Findlay Market on Saturdays (in the farm shed), the Hyde Park Farmer's Market on Sundays, and at the Northside Farmers Market (Wednesdays). Pies are available on a first come, first served basis OR if you're more of a planner you can use this site to order pies to be picked up on the days and locations mentioned above.

All of the pies are lovingly made and baked at our kitchen located at Cincinnati, OH.


Findlay Market

Saturdays 8am-6pm

Sundays 10am-4pm

Northside Farmer's Market

Wednesdays 4pm-7pm










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