Pie Podcast

A few weeks ago a lovely college pal reached out about being a guest on Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette and, needless to say, I was supremely flattered and excited to check out Nicole’s work. Right before leaving D.C. I had started spending an inordinate amount of time listening to podcasts in the kitchen. As I spent the majority of my time by myself in various stages of epic pie making, podcasts were the perfect solution for keeping my brain busy while I mindlessly made pies with my hands. My listening habits typically trended toward deep dives into the This American Life and and Radio Lab archives with occasional forays into Snap, Serial, and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. The ever dulcet tones of Ira Glass, Jad Abumrad, and Robert Krulwich helped me roll out hundreds and hundreds of crust each week and the oddball and interesting stories on Snap Judgement made peeling and slicing endless apples more bearable. When I wasn’t at work all of my conversations started with the sentence, “I was listening to this podcast AND…” to the point where Aaron started keeping a tally and nearly everything I said was sprinkled with facts that I had learned from the radio.

When we moved to Kentucky for the summer, the majority of my time was consumed with writing and perfecting my business plan but I’d also gotten it into my head that I should start listening to bussinessy podcasts in order to become a more businessy boss lady. I started with Start-Up, because it seemed like the right place to start (up) and I found it to be good. Not great, but good, with lots of helpful hints and surprisingly soothing horror stories about asking other people for large sums of money. However, by the second season I became a little disenchanted as I learned just how badly the business had gone in real life as opposed to the rosy picture the radio had painted. After googling ‘best small business podcats’ I tried a few different shows but none of them stuck and I think it’s because I missed hearing about other people’s real life lives. The few podcasts I listened to were smart and snappy, and I’m sure utterly business savvy, but none of them made me feel like we were in the same boat. I wanted to listen to voices that sounded more like mine; scared but also thrilled to be a small business owner, unable to comprehend how to write a good business plan but doing it anyway, working my way up to the perfect pitch so that when you ask someone for all of their money they don’t run away laughing hysterically, etc.

I was utterly charmed when I started reading about Real Talk Radio and found Nicole’s previous seasons so honest and refreshing. After listening to just a few podcasts I wholeheartedly leapt at the chance of being part of the show. Nicole does an excellent job curating intelligent, funny, and gritty conversations and I think it’s because she does such a nice job of actually having a conversation with you. We talked for just over two hours and none of it felt strained or inauthentic. She has a truly lovely way of finding common ground and a real knack for creating a comfortable situation where it’s possible to talk about anything and everything. I’m pleased as pie to be included in season 8. And while it’s not a small business podcast by any means it is one of those podcasts where the voices sound a lot more familiar.

Here’s a link to my specific podcast, but don’t hesitate to listen to others too …. they’re pretty fantastic!!


Teeny Morris