Change is in the Air

This past weekend we went to the magical wedding of our two dear friends, Adria and Amy. Their love is a love that I admire so completely; it’s a love that reminds me to love harder, fiercer, and better every single day. It was a dreamy wedding. The ceremony was warm and romantic and so utterly them that we couldn’t help but be swept up in that lovely glowy feeling that was radiating from the happiest two people in the room. The food was wildly delicious and, in true Pennington Lee fashion, we were given the recipes for everything on the table. Dessert and dancing, a lot of dancing, capped off an altogether spectacular wedding and catapulted our friends into their first day of being Mrs. and Mrs.

I love weddings, and weddings with both old friends and new acquaintances are particularly nice.  We get to hear of old friends strating grand new adventures, we get to commiserate and compliment, break bread together, raise a glass, and at the end of the night we get to dance like crazy together. It was fun to see everyone’s shining faces and rather startling to realize that everyone seems to be going through a certain amount of transition right now. The weekend was filled with tales of starting new ventures, saying goodbye to old loves, falling head over heels for the first time, finding a new pace to life, and feeling stuck and dreaming up grand plans for how to fix it. It was altogether wonderful to realize that Aaron and I aren’t alone with our large and looming life changes.

Maybe it’s just what happens as you wind your way into your thirties; the inevitable growing pains as we figure out what the heck we want our lives to look like. Maybe after years of summer vacation and back to school Septembers, fall feels as though it’s full of potential. The air gets crisp enough to pull us out of our summer stupors, the days begin to shorten  which in turn prompts us to wake up earlier and finish faster, our languid pace quickens, and it really does feel as though change is in the air. Our madcap lives continue, the next adventure is upon us and we will be all the better for it.

Teeny Morris